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Eurotherm Piccolo P116 1/16 DIN Temperature & Process Controller

Eurotherm Piccolo P116 1/16 DIN Temperature & Process Controller

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The Invensys Eurotherm piccolo P116 1/16 DIN controller offers precision PID control of temperature and other processes with many advanced features not normally found in this class of controllers.

Designed to offer outstanding performance in an affordable package providing a complete solution for a wide variety of applications, this range guarantees extremely easy access to parameterization and operation in a high quality unit.

Despite their advanced features, the controllers are easy to use and apply and may be customised for ease of operation. Full autotune is provided.

High quality and high reliabilty
The piccolo controller is a high quality and high reliability unit from a world leading manufacturer with global support and service facilities. A 3 year warranty is provided as standard.

Ramp-soak timer and soft start A ramp soak timer is provided for time based profiling of temperature sequences. These can be used to gradually vary the temperature in a control zone before maintaining it at a defined level, and is typically used to avoid the dangers of damage due to thermal shock.

Overshoot elimination
The Invensys Eurotherm unique cutback system ensures precise control to setpoint and when correctly tuned inhibits temperature overshoot.

Energy usage estimation
The piccolo controller allows estimation of energy usage to provide basic data for evaluating energy saving control strategies for continuous improvement and Kaizen techniques.

Heater failure detection
Using the optional current transformer adaptor, the piccolo will monitor current levels in electrical heaters and generate status and alarm information allowing heater element failure and short circuit to be detected, thereby allowing corrective action and avoiding further stress on remaining heater elements.

Modbus digital communication
The piccolo optionally supports 2-wire EIA485 communications using the Modbus RTU protocol.

Digital setpoint retransmission
The piccolo controller is optionally able to send a setpoint to slave devices using Master Modbus communications to allow multizone control. Requires EIA485 option.

Analogue retransmission
Transmit setpoints or other process variables to downstream equipment or data recorders using a 4-20mA analogue retransmission function.

Simplified and customisable operator HMI
The piccolo controller has been designed around a simplified menu structure with settings clearly identified against sections in the user and engineering manuals to avoid guesswork during commissioning. The operator menus may be fully customised for the needs of operators and supervisors, with password protection so that unauthorised personnel are unable to adjust critical settings.

Wipedown front fascia
IP65 panel sealing allows these units to be used in washdown or dusty applications. Panels are easily customisable and are therefore ideal for OEM applications.

High visibility three colour LED display
Process and alarm indication is clearly indicated on a bright emissive three colour LED display.

Recovery point undo function
A new feature is provided in P100, named RECOVERY POINT. Through this feature the user can create a snapshot of the current instrument settings (operative and configuration parameters). These values can be subsequently restored to reverse changes made during use. Values in the Recovery Point table are modified by an authorized operator saving a working configuration through front panel or through PC based configuration tools.

Configuration adaptor
iTools configuration to piccolo controllers can be achieved by using a configuration adaptor. It provides iTools with the ability to communicate with and configure devices without the need for any power being connected.

iTools wizard
Used to simplify the set up of piccolo controllers. The wizard guides the user through the configuration process with interactive help and graphical demonstrations of features.

Ideal for...

  • Precision PID control
  • Plastics Extrusion
  • Food and Beverage
  • Furnaces and Ovens
  • Incubators
  • Laboratory equipment

  • General
    • Environmental performance
      • Temperature limits Operation: 0 to 60C
      • Storage: -10 to 70C
      • Humidity limits Operation: 0 to 90% RH non condensing
      • Storage: 5 to 90% RH non condensing
      • Panel sealing: IP65
      • Shock: BS EN61010
      • Vibration: 2g peak, 10 to 150Hz
      • Altitude: <2000 metres
      • Atmospheres: Not suitable for use in explosive or corrosive atmosphere
    • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
      • Emissions and immunity: BS EN61326
    • Electrical safety
      • INSTALLATION CATEGORY II: The rate impulse voltage for equipment on nominal 230V mains is 2500V.
      • POLLUTION DEGREE 2: Normally, only non-conductive pollution occurs. Occasionally, however, a temporary conductivity caused by condensation shall be expected.
    • Physical
      • Panel mounting: 1/16 DIN
      • Weight: 250g
    • Panel cut-out dimensions
      • P116: 45W X 45Hmm
      • Panel depth: 90mm
    • Operator interface
      • Type: LED
      • Main PV display: 4 digits, green
      • Secondary display: 4 digits, amber
      • Third display: 4 digits, amber
      • Status beacons: Units, outputs, alarms, active setpoint
    • Power requirements
      • 100 to 230 +/-15%,
      • 48 to 62 Hz, max 6W
      • 24V ac, -15%, +10%.
      • 24V dc, -15% +20% 5% ripple voltage
      • max 6W
    • Approvals
      • CE, cUL listed (file ES7766)/li>
      • Suitable for use in Nadcap and AMS2750D applications under Systems
      • Accuracy Test calibration conditions
      • Other standards pending
  • Communications
    • Serial communications option
      • Protocol: Modbus RTU slave; Modbus RTU Master broadcast; (1 parameter)
      • Isolation: 264V ac, double insulated
      • Transmission standard: EIA485 (2 wire)
  • Process Variable Input
    • Calibration accuracy: <0.25% of reading 1LSD (Note 1)
    • Sample rate: 4Hz(250ms)
    • Isolation: 264V ac double insulation from the PSU and communication
    • Resolution (V): <0.5V with 1.6sec filter
    • Resolution (effective bits): >17 bits
    • Linearisation accuracy: < 0.1% of reading
    • Drift with temperature: <50ppm (typical) <100ppm (worst case)
    • Common mode rejection: 48-62Hz, >-120dB
    • Series mode rejection: 48-62Hz, >-93dB
    • Input impedance: 100MO
    • Cold junction compensation: >30:1 rejection of ambient change
    • Cold junction accuracy: <1C at 25C ambient
    • Linear (process) input range: -10 to 80mV, 0 to 10V with 100K/806 external divider module
    • Thermocouple types: K, J, N, R, S, B, L, T, C, custom download (Note 2)
    • Resistance thermometer types: 3-wire Pt100 DIN 43760
    • Bulb current: 0.2mA
    • Lead compensation: No error for 22 ohms in all leads
    • Input filter: Off to 59.9s
    • Zero offset: User adjustable over full range
    • User calibration: 2-point gain & offset
  • OP 4 Relay
    • Type: Form C (changeover)
    • Rating: Min 100mA @ 12V dc, max 2A @ 264V ac resistive
    • Functions: Control outputs, alarms, events
  • Current Transformer Input
    • Input range 0-50mA rms, 48/62Hz. 10Ω burden resistor fitted inside module
    • Calibration accuracy: <1% of reading (Typical), <4% of reading (Worst case)
    • Isolation: By using external CT
    • Input impedance: <20Ω
    • Measurement scaling: 10, 25, 50 or 100 Amps
    • Functions: Partial load failure, SSR fault
  • Logic Output Module
    • Output
      • Rating: ON 12V dc @ <44mA; OFF <300mV @ 100A
      • Isolation: None from PV or system. 264V ac double insulated from PSU and communications
      • Functions: Control outputs, alarms, events
  • Relay Output Channels
    • Type Form A (normally open)
    • Rating: Min 100mA @ 12V dc, max 2A@264V ac resistive
    • Functions: Control outputs, alarms, events
  • Triac Output
    • Rating 0.75A (rms) 30 to 264V (rms) resistive load
    • Isolation: 264V ac double insulated
    • Functions: Control outputs, alarms, events
  • Triac Output
    • Rating 0.75A (rms) 30 to 264V (rms) resistive load
    • Isolation: 264V ac double insulated
    • Functions: Control outputs, alarms, events
  • Analogue Output (Note 3)
    • OP2
      • Rating: 0-20mA into <500O
      • Accuracy: (<1% of Reading + <100A)
      • Resolution: 13.5 bits
      • Isolation: 264V ac double insulated from PSU and communications
      • Functions: Control outputs, retransmission
  • Software Features
    • Control
      • Number of loops: 1
      • Loop update: 250ms
      • Control types: PID, ON/OFF Cooling types: Linear, fan, oil, water
      • Modes: Auto, manual, standby
      • Overshoot inhibition: High, low
    • Alarms
      • Number: 3
      • Type: Absolute high & low, deviation high, low or band
      • Latching: Auto or manual latching, non-latching
      • Output assignment: Relay and digital output
    • Other status outputs
      • Functions: Including sensor break, timer status, loop break, heater diagnostics
    • Timer
      • Modes: Dwell when setpoint reached; Delayed control action, Soft start limits power below PV threshold
    • Current monitor
      • Alarm types: Over current, SSR short circuit, SSR open circuit
      • Indication type: Flashing beacon
    • Special Features
      • Features: Energy monitoring, Recovery point


1.Calibration accuracy quoted over full ambient operating range and for all input linearisation types
2.Contact Eurotherm for details of availability of custom downloads for alternative sensors
3.Voltage output can be achieved by external adaptor