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Pasteurizer Circular Chart Recorder/Controller

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The C1950 is a recorder (C1951) and recorder/controller (C1952/C9153) have been designed specifically for pasteurization applications.

The C1951 records the hot product temperature and either divert set point or cold product temperature. The C1952 is a recorder/controller recording hot product and either divert set point or cold product temperature and controlling hot water temperature. The C1953 is a the top-of-the-range recorder/controller combining all capabilities of the C1952 with cold water temperature control from the cold product temperature probe.

The C1950 series recorder is totally self contained, suitable for panel, wall or post mounting. As standard the case is rating IP66 (NEMA4X) making it suitable for use in almost any location in modern dairy applications, where cleaning of all surfaces takes place.


last updated August 26th 2016
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