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1/8 DIN Temperature and Process Controller

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The MAXVU controller is a temperature and process controller, which takes type J, K, C, R, S, T, B, L, N thermocouples, 3-wire PT100 and linear DC input and outputs to a configurable combination of 10Vdc drive capable SSR and SPST 2A relays. The controller features a high visibility 18mm upper and lower display for clear visibility, and is operated via onboard buttons and intuitive UI. The MAXVU controller features 2 process alarms, configurable as high/low, deviation or band alarms, and is configured using the free MAXVU configuration software, or via the onboard keys.

The 10 most common parameter settings including; PID/On-OFF control, "heat only" or "heat and cool" strategies, and ramp/dwell with delay time are built into the unit. Due to their short 67mm panel depth, the MAXVU controllers are easy to install. Combined with quick configuration onboard or using the MAXVU configuration software, the MAXVU controller can be installed and ready for use with great ease and speed.


last updated November 28th 2016
last updated November 28th 2016
last updated November 28th 2016
last updated November 28th 2016
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