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MaxVU Rail Limiter

DIN Rail Limiter

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The MaxVU Rail Limiter is a DIN-rail limiter, designed for industrial applications requiring a reduced back panel footprint, slim width and easy setup. Universal input is provided as standard, supporting thermocouple, Pt100 (2 or 3-wire), linear ranges and isolated digital input. The limiter can feature a wide range of selectable outputs at order, with up to 3 relays, SSR or linear output, or a combination.

The unit is designed with space requirements in mind, at just 22.5mm width. In addition to easy installation, the MaxVU Rail also allows for easy setup, onboard using the front face keys, or using the MaxVU Configurator configuration software via USB. A high contrast and wide angle OLED display makes the unit easy for reading in setup and observation, even in bright sunlight and dark control panels.


last updated July 14th 2017
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