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600 Series

Shaft Speed Sensors

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(608) 8mm proximity
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(612) 12mm proximity
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(618) 18mm proximity
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(630) 30mm proximity
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(608-1) 8mm proximity, shielded
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(612-1) 12mm proximity, shielded
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(618-1) 18mm proximity, shielded
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(630-1) 30mm proximity, shielded
+ £0.00
(614) 14mm proximity
+ £162.61
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600 Series Proximity Sensors are active digital sensing devices that generate one pulse per pass of an actuating target within their sensing field. No direct contact with target material is necessary. Each sensor is entirely solid state with no moving parts to wear out. The wide range of supply voltages to the 600 Series permits direct interface with low voltage, solid state controls such as programmable controllers and electromechanical relay loads. All sensors are polyurethane or epoxy encapsulated and are provided with a mounting bracket, jam nuts, and 6 feet of cable.

The sensors utilize an oscillator circuit to generate a high frequency field radiated from a coil in the tip of the sensor. When a metal target enters this high frequency field, eddy currents are induced into the target. A detection circuit senses a loss of energy in the oscillator circuit. This low amplitude condition causes the solid state output from the sensor to switch. When the target moves away from the sensing face of the switch, the oscillator regenerates and the switch returns to its normal state.


last updated July 4th 2017
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