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Wall Mounted Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

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£131.83 inc. tax
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The RHT-WM Relative Humidity and Temperature Transmitter converts these two physical parameters into two industry standard, isolated, highly stable and interference free 4 to 20 milliamp signals.

The sensors are mounted on a probe tip (which can be easily be replaced by adding a replacement PCB module to your order, see below for details) and are protected by a filter cover. See associated products below to view our range of filter covers for more arduous applications. Both outputs are two wire transmitter loops, requiring a 24Vdc (nominal) supply in both loops. The same pair of wires that supply power to the circuitry then carry the signal to the measuring device. The two outputs would normally be used as inputs to PLCs, controllers, digital indicators, or SCADA or telemetry systems.

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