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Multifunction Unit

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The PMA KS98-2 is a multi-function unit which combines PID control, process monitoring, sequence control, data logging, and an alarm system. The KS98-2 can be scaled to fit a wide range of application specifications due to it's modular design and easy creation and maintenance of application programs via the graphical software KS98-ET.

The KS98-2 has a 3.5" colour display with touchscreen, as well as dedicated front panel buttons for intuitive operation. A USB port on the front face provides access to the unit via a PC for fast checking and adjustment of parameters. The creation of application programs is fast and easy with the engineering software ET/KS98-2, which allows for graphical function-block edited programming, commissioning and diagnosis. Additional software is available for PC simulation of KS98-2 user programs, downloading of packed user programs without end-user exposure to code, setting user access privileges for KS98-2 program settings, and for updating firmware of devices in the field.

The greatest strength of the KS98-2 comes in the form of its modular and highly configurable design. The base unit provides 2 or 4 built-in relays depending on specification, as well as 2 digital inputs, 1 universal analog input, and a transmitter power supply. The base unit allows for 2 additional module slots (or 4 when the base unit has 2 relays), as well as 2 slots (B and C) for addition of either: a module carrier board providing 4 additional module slots, or a digital board containing 12 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs and a 24V transmitter power supply. In addition to this, the KS98-2 rear panel comes prefitted with a USB host port, Ethernet port and CAN-bus port, with an additional option slot for Profinet, Profibus and RS485 communication interfaces. The power supply of the base unit can be selected from either 100 to 240 VAC, or 24 VUC.

Additional option modules available for fitting to the KS98-2 include: 1 x universal input (U), 2 x resistive measurements (R), 2 x thermocouples (T), 2 x voltage (V), 1 x 0/4 to 20mA with transmitter power supply (P), 2 x linear output (L), 2 x bipolar outpit (B), 2 x 24 V digital I/O (D) and 2 x SSR drivers (A). Each module board can be ordered readily installed with the unit or as a separate accessory. Please see the related product below to order a module alongside the base unit.

The power and extendability of the KS98-2 is contained within a standard IP65 protected, 1/4 DIN enclosure, suitable for retrofitting into slots previously occupied by temperature and process controllers. Connections can be made either via standard screw terminals or via flat pin connectors on the rear of the unit, depending on specification.


last updated January 17th 2018
last updated January 17th 2018
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