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IMP Lite

2-wire Ultrasonic Level Sensor

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The IMP Lite is a lower cost 2-wire configured alternative to the IMP+ ultrasonic level sensor, and is used for high accuracy level measurement of slurries and liquids. The IMP Lite is designed to be mounted above a tank or solid container and uses state of the art echo extraction technology for within 0.25% or 6mm (whichever is greater) of the correct level. The IMP Lite provides many of the same features as the IMP+, excluding those features exclusive to the 3-wired configuration of the IMP+.

A 4-digit LCD display is located on the top side of the unit, alongside a 4 button tactile keypad for parameter entry in 'Program Mode' and as hot keys for additional information in 'Run Mode'. The IMP Lite can show level, space and distance on the display.

The enclosure of the IMP Lite is IP67 protected against dust and liquids, and 2 off 4.5 to 10 mm M16 cable entries/glands are provided for sealed connection of the unit to ensure moisture protection is maintained. The IMP 3 and 6 variants have a 1.5" BSP/NPT mounting, while the IMP 10 features a 2" BSP/NPT thread mounting.

The measuring range of the IMP Lite varies depending on the selected model. The IMP3 measures from 0.2 to 3.0m, IMP6 measures from 0.3 to 6.0m and IMP10 measure from 0.3 to 10.0m. All models have a beam angle within 10 degrees (inclusive) and can be set up as 2 or 3-wire operation.

The unit can be programmed on-board in a password protectable 'Program Mode' using the onboard LCD display and keypad, or configured using the IMP PC software via an RJ11 port to the onboard RS232 connector.

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