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Measurement Area Amplifier

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The SpotScan is a line scanning accessory for use with the Endurance and Marathon series infrared temperature sensors, which allows the sensors to gather temperature information over a larger area. This is achieved by a rotating internal mirror, which oscillates the sensor view over a wider area.

The built-in control panel on the end of the SpotScan allows for configuration of the scan angle, frequency and mirror position. This end of the SpotScan is fitted with a screw-on end plate during normal operation. The scan angle can be set between 2 to 15°, while the frequency can be set between 1 and 10 Hz. The mirror position has 4 modes for: normal operation, mirror at end point positions, and mirror at center position. End point position and center position mirror positions allow for easy setup of the unit.

The SpotScan is available in two models. The SSA model includes a NBK-7 borosilicate glass window, ideal for short wavelength sensors such as the Endurance, Marathon MR, MM 1M/2M and 3M. The SSB model includes a Zinc Sulfide window, suitable for mid to long-wavelength sensors, such as the Marathon MM (MT, G5, G7, LT).

Additional accessories are available, including a right angle bracket for mounting and air purge collar for maintaining clean lens and accurate readings.


last updated November 29th 2016
last updated December 1st 2016
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